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How much budget do I need for hair transplantation?

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As in every sector, there are various factors affecting the prices in the hair transplantation sector. The person, who wants to have a hair transplantation, carries out several researches for hair transplantation prices. After a while, the person gets confused due to the different prices they get. This is quite normal as the answer to the question “What are the prices for hair transplantation?” is hidden in the factors affecting the hair transplantation prices. The persons want to learn about the prices related to hair transplantation and to set their budget accordingly. It is not possible to mention a definite amount regarding this. Each hair transplantation center applies a different price policy. But there are some essential factors that they all take into consideration.
These are;

– Number of grafts to be transplanted

– Hair transplantation technique to be used

– Any possible additional application

– City/district where the center is located at

– Luxury service


Hair transplantation procedure varies according to several factors, and the price range in Turkey is from 3 thousand TL to 20 thousand TL. The most accurate and correct information about the hair transplantation prices is the one given by the hair transplantation center after doctor examination. Natural Hair, which we are sure that it will offer the best price guarantee, will definitely satisfy you.

Points to take into consideration about the price

hair transplant price 2018

  • It is kind of a commercial approach that the centers apply a single price according to the number of grafts. One should be cautious about this. Normally, it is not recommended to plant more than 4.500 grafts in one session. It is not appropriate to tell that high number of grafts will be planted just to attract customers. After all, such hair transplantation would not be appropriate.
  • Applications such as certificate of warranty for hair transplantation procedure would be effective in keeping the prices high. As you would appreciate, there could be no such application as certificate of warranty about health.
  • Patients mostly complain about the insistence of the centers to sell high priced products such as shampoo after the hair transplantation. That’s why it would be useful to also learn about these while you are talking about the hair transplantation price list.
  • Although the hair transplantation price lists differ at each hair transplantation center, the procedure is the same. Hair follicles taken from the donor area are planted to the hairless area of the patient. Therefore, you need to focus on the hair transplantation results while evaluating the prices. The hairs that you will have lifelong should be planted ideally.
  • And finally, there is one thing that you should remember: the most expensive center does not mean that they would perform the best procedure. You can find the best center for your budget by considering the factors that cause the hair transplantation prices to differ.



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