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How much does the hair grow with hair transplantation?

Hair transplant 2018

Becoming popular recently, hair transplantation offers the exact solution against the hair loss problem today. Hair transplant can be summarized as taking hair from a donor area in small amounts and transferring them to the hairless area.   Everyone considering a hair transplantation procedure have some certain questions in their minds. How much the hair grows with hair transplantation is on top of these questions.

Although this depends on the size of the area for transplantation, hair fall rate of the patient and the sufficient of the donor area, there are some certain situations. First of all, you should know that this is a process that really requires a patience. You should not expect your hairs to grow immediately right after the hair transplantation procedure. At the end of the first month after the transplantation, almost all of the transplanted hairs fall. This should not scare you. First hairs start to grow after three months in average following the hair transplantation. 75% of the hairs are expected to grow by the sixth month. During this process, you will visibly notice that your hairs do not just grow, but also grow abundantly and thick.

Averagely in the ninth month, your hair transplantation will give a result and your hairs will continue growing routinely around 1 cm a month. Most probably, another question your mind is whether your hairs will fall again after this process. Don’t worry; as the hairs are insensitive to testosterone after hair transplantation, they do not tend to fall.

The result is clearly seen one year after the hair transplantation procedure. Hair’s color and texture gets the most natural form. And the growth process starts to be in parallel with the growth process of your own hairs. At this process and thereafter, it is recommended to apply care and nutrition supplements in order to strengthen the hair follicles. Taking the new hair follicles from the nape area, where hair loss is at minimum, also minimizes the possibility for these hairs to incur a permanent loss.

Hair transplant 2018

As we have mentioned above, the patience you will show in this process is very important. We particularly mention this because impatience and stress affects the holding and growth of hair follicles. Usual impatience slows down the hair growth of patients, as well as reduces the amount of hairs that will grow. It may also cause procedures outside the doctor recommendation.


Granted that, after you decide for hair transplantation, you need to go through an in-depth investigation. Although it is called “hair transplant”, it is still a serious surgical operation. Right at this point, Natural Hair offers you the best evaluations through its expert doctors. As the pioneer of the sector and master of its domain, Natural Hair gives you more than the results you want after the detailed analysis and examination it performs. At this stage, our most important note for you is to stay away from stress and to avoid alcoholic beverages, caffeinated beverages and smoking. All the remaining important details will be handled by the expert team of Natural Hair.


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