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What is hair transplantation? Hair Transplant Company Recommendation

Hair transplant turkey

Becoming popular recently, hair transplantation allows you to be more moderate against the hair loss problem today, as this problem is completely eliminated thanks to hair plantation. Hair transplant can be summarized as taking hair from a donor area in small amounts and transferring them to the hairless area.


You may not want to look in a mirror when you lose your hair, which is quite normal. Following the hair transplant process, however, you will soon observe the effect of healthy and abundant hair on your appearance. After that, you will want to look at yourself and your hair much more than ever in the mirrors.

We would like to comfort you about one thing that you will not lose anything from your natural appearance after the hair transplant. On the contrary, you will get a much more aesthetic look by eliminating the appearance that disturbed you. The transplanted hair does not appear artificial. This is because each patient is planned separately, and an appearance fitting the hair type of the patient is provided. This method is made possible with the advanced hair transplant techniques.


You are mistaken if you think that the operation will be a painful process. Hair transplant is performed with local anesthesia, and the patient does not feel any ache or pain during the procedure.


Although hair transplant is performed with local anesthesia, we should note that it is a serious surgical operation. Therefore, the doctor and the team are of great importance as in every operation. Natural Hair will assist you in every field related to hair transplant with the awareness of its importance. We believe that Natural Hair will be your closest friend in experiencing all the advantages of hair transplant methods, getting rid of all the question marks in your mind, and having abundant hair.

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  • Osman Zr. Aug 1,2018 at 10:57 pm

    Hi, thank you post for hair transplant!

  • İan İnnes Jul 30,2018 at 9:42 am

    You may not want to look in a mirror when you lose your hair, which is quite normal?

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