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Hair Removal

About Hair Removal

Hair removal turkey 2018

You may be surprised to learn that just about your entire body is covered with hair. Because most of this hair is fine and pale, it usually isn’t visible to the naked eye. When hair becomes darker and coarser in places that we don’t like or expect, it may prevent us from wearing the clothing or bathing suit of first choice, or it may make us feel self conscious. It may be time to consider laser hair removal at the Natural Hair Turkey, with a laser FDA approved for permanent hair reduction.

In the past, the usual remedies for unwanted hair were plucking, shaving, waxing, or chemical depilatories. Some are painful, some are messy, and all are only temporary. Electrolysis is also popular and effective for long-term hair removal, but can be painful and slow. It typically takes months or even years of regular visits, even for small areas like the upper lip. Risks can include infection and pitting or scarring.

Now there is a more effective solution specially designed to remove unwanted hair faster, less painfully and more reliably-Laser Hair Removal at the Natural Hair Turkey.
The most popular areas for men to remove unwanted hair is from their back, shoulders and neck. Women most commonly treat unwanted facial hair, followed by underarms, bikini areas and legs. However, any area of unwanted hair can be treated.

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